Public offer and rules

LastOfUs.bid Community Guidelines
1. General:
1.1. All users of the lastofus.bid community (hereinafter — Community) are required to comply with these Rules (hereinafter — Rules). Discussion of the Rules is allowed only in the forum topic "Rules Discussion", otherwise it may be regarded as a flood (clause 5.8).
1.2. Community rules can be changed by the Administration at any time without notifying other users.
1.3. On the site, forum and game servers of the lastofus.bid Community, swearing in any form (even veiled) and in any language is prohibited. Violation is punishable up to a permanent ban.
1.4. Users are prohibited from distributing the game client of the current version and posting links to it in any way.
2. Community Administration:
2.1. Community Administration consists of Administrators, Chief Moderators, Moderators.
2.2. Administrators carry out general management of the Community, make the final decision in disputable situations. In the process of performing their functions, Administrators may deviate from the current Rules (with the exception of clauses 1.3, 1.4, 5.1, 7.1).
2.3. The main moderators and Moderators are appointed by the decision of the Administrators and are responsible for compliance with the rules and regulations on the site and the Community forum. In the process of moderation, they are allowed to deviate from paragraphs 5.4 - 5.8 of the Rules.
2.4. Discussion of the actions of the Administration is allowed only in the section "Comments and suggestions on the work of the site and the forum", otherwise it can be regarded as a flood (clause 5.8).
3. Local Rules:
3.1. In separate sections of the site and the forum, there may be Local Rules, and for these sections they take precedence over the general Rules.
3.2. The authors of the topics in the sections: "Technical problems", "Other servers", "Projects", "Modding and skins", "Mod guides" may deviate from the points of Rules 5.4 - 5.7 in their topics of the respective sections.
4. Misdemeanors and punishments:
4.1. When determining the punishment for a committed misconduct, the Administration is guided by the interests of the Community and common sense.
4.2. "Warning" issued by the Administration for violation of the current Rules. Each alert is active for three months. Upon receipt of the third active warning, the User may be sent to a ban for a period of one day or more. If there are three or more active warnings, a more serious punishment may be considered.
4.3. "Ban" - deprivation of access to the Community website and forum - is assigned for serious violations of the Community Rules. It can be appointed for a certain period or issued indefinitely ("permanent ban").
5. Message content:
5.1. User Posts must not:
- violate the laws of Ukraine and/or moral and ethical norms;
- contain calls for interethnic and interreligious hatred;
- contain malicious code and/or software (including links to them);
- aim to advertise goods, services, third-party resources;
- contain materials (or links to materials) of a pornographic nature.
Violation of this paragraph of the Rules is the most serious violation and, as a rule, leads to an indefinite ban with the deletion of the user's posts.
5.2. Users who write with errors are encouraged to write messages using automatic spell checking. Messages with a large number of errors, as well as messages completely written by "translit" or "caps", can be regarded as "flood" (clause 5.8).
5.3. Users are not allowed to create the same or very similar topics. Use the search.
5.4. Users are prohibited from inserting large quotes into messages (at the discretion of the Administration), without hiding them under the spoiler tag.
5.5. Users are discouraged from overusing the color tag in signatures/posts.
5.6. Users are advised not to abuse the font size (size) less than 10 and more than 24 from the usual in messages and signatures.
5.7. It is recommended to frame large images with spoiler or thumbnail tags, messages should not be stretched in width, causing a horizontal scrollbar to appear.
5.8. Flood is prohibited on the Community website and "offtopic". You can talk on abstract topics in the "Pavilion" subsection. "Flood" — inappropriate or meaningless message, "offtopic" — a message that is not related to the topic under discussion.
6. User account and profile:
6.1. If the User's profile violates clauses 5.2 - 5.7, he will be warned and given time (usually a day) to correct, in case of non-compliance with the requirements - an indefinite ban.
6.2. Users are not allowed to create more than one forum account. At the first violation, extra accounts are banned indefinitely, the owner of the main account is warned. In case of repeated violation, all accounts will be banned indefinitely.
6.3. Users are prohibited from "faking" (create similar in meaning and spelling) nicknames for members of the Administration and other Users (for example, admin1).
6.4 Any kind of advertising of third-party resources is prohibited in the user's signature.
7. Insults and inappropriate behavior:
7.1. Offensive statements about other players or members of the Administration lead to a quick debriefing and severe punishment (usually an indefinite ban)
7.2. Inadequate behavior of users (determined by the Administration) is punished by a ban up to an indefinite period.
8. Site content, pictures and videos.
8.1. It is forbidden to post photos, pictures and / or videos that violate the laws of the Ukraine and / or moral and ethical standards in any way.
8.2. It is forbidden to post photos, pictures and / or videos that are not related to the theme of the site, forum or server.
8.3. It is forbidden to advertise third-party projects by posting photos, pictures and/or videos.
8.4. At the discretion of the administration, your content, photos and/or pictures may be removed without prior warning or notice.
8.5. For violation of these rules, the administrator may issue a warning or apply sanctions to the violator, in accordance with the severity of the offense, up to a permanent ban.
9. Store operation on our website:
9.1 Any invoice payment on our site is for the sole purpose of supporting the project.
9.2 Cash deposited by accident or unused is non-refundable.
9.3 In case of non-receipt of funds, you should contact the site administrator only in PM.
9.4 It is forbidden to criticize the store, prices in the store, as well as VIP content (see clause 9.1).
9.5 Suggestions for improving the quality of the store are welcome in the appropriate forum thread or PM to the administrator.
Community Game Server Rules
By playing on the server, you automatically agree to the current rules of conduct on the Server.
For violation of the Rules, the administration has the right to apply sanctions to the violator, in accordance with the severity of the offense.
Ignorance of the rules of the Server does not release the player from responsibility.
1. General provisions
1.1 A player, entering the server, automatically agrees with the Rules in force on it. Ignorance of the Rules does not release him from responsibility for their violation.
1.2 Server administration maintains its performance, ensures order on the server, organizes and conducts server-wide events. Server administration includes:
- moderators - are engaged in ensuring the general order on the server
- game masters - keep the server up and running
- administrator - deals with general issues of server operation, and also takes final and non-appealable decisions in disputable situations.
1.3 The punishment of offenders, as well as the terms of punishment, are determined by members of the administration, guided by common sense, in accordance with the gravity of the deed and the danger to others. You can challenge the punishment, as well as apply for unlocking on the forum in the topic Applications for unlocking. Main types of punishments:
- warning: issued as a remark about the inadmissibility of any actions of the player, a reason to think about their behavior.
- chat blocking (mute): issued, as a rule, for a certain period (from several hours to several days) for violation of the rules of communication in the chat, in exceptional cases it can be indefinite (the so-called permanent).< /div>
- command blocking (curse, curse): complete disabling of user commands as a last warning to malicious violators, can also be time-limited.
- blocking the user (ban): banning access to all lastofus.bid servers for serious offenses, as a rule, is imposed without an expiration date. All multi-accounts of permanently banned players are also automatically blocked. All of them automatically fall into the general ban list lastofus.bid.
1.4 On the server it is forbidden to use any programs, plug-ins, modifications and resource packs (hereinafter - software, software) that give an advantage in the game, as well as the use of game bugs for personal purposes. Collectively, this is called "cheating" and leads to an instant ban without the right to amnesty and rehabilitation.
1.5 The Administration may, in exceptional cases not described in the Rules, deny the User the right to play on the lastofus.bid servers if his actions threaten the stability of the server or entail other negative consequences.
2. Construction
2.1 Changing the world in reserved areas (cutting trees, digging, building, extracting resources) is prohibited.
2.1.1 Reserved areas include:
- Places of public teleports and the area around them, limited by a zone of 100 blocks.
- Spawn locations for in-game merchants.
- Venues for social events.
2.2 Closing up the world is considered: building up merchants, destroying aimless cities and loot in them, aimless buildings that do not carry a semantic and game character.
2.3 A player's territory is a place near which there are no game buildings and loot spawn (except for small ones such as garbage bags, backpacks, etc.).
2.3.1 It is forbidden to fence off the site more than 50 blocks away from the size of the current built-up area. As development progresses, boundaries may shift. The size of the plot for a large project must be agreed with the administration.
2.3.2 It is forbidden to fence off the territory on which there are play buildings, or located in their immediate vicinity.
2.3.3 Priority to territory rights belongs to the player who occupies it first.
2.4 If a player has given another player permission to settle on his territory (including with access to seized objects), the administration is not responsible for the actions of the second player in relation to the property of the first.
2.5 When resolving disputes, players should try to reach a compromise in a peaceful way, without mutual insults, in case of impossibility, contact the server administration.
2.6. Buildings of players that are of no value in the event of a long (at least a week) absence of a player on the server can be demolished by the decision of the administration without returning the resources spent (if the player did not report his long absence from the forum or by placing a sign). Also, by decision of the administration, buildings of permanently blocked players can be demolished.
2.7 Changes to objects that have a public status (hotels, taverns) are possible upon agreement with its creator (or with a representative of the administration).
3. Communication
3.1 Ukrainian is set as the communication language in the server-wide chat (hereinafter simply "chat"), the use of other languages, as well as transliteration, is prohibited. In private messages, any form of communication is allowed, if other participants do not object.
3.2 Forbidden in chat:
- Mat in any form and in any languages, including the so-called. veiled mate (various euphemisms and $#^@). Including on signs and in the form of various installations.
- Inciting ethnic and religious hatred, discrimination based on race, gender and age, as well as personal insults. Attempts to organize disputes on political topics ("srach") will also be severely suppressed. The same applies to tablets and buildings of similar content.
- expressions in chat, inscriptions on signs and buildings of indecent content ("obscene").
- Flood (including chatter on personal topics, for which it is quite possible to create a group chat).
- CAPS (capitalization for no good reason)
- Advertising of other servers, resources, channels, as well as goods and services.
- Discussing the actions of the administration and the operation of the server (there is a topic Server discussion on the forum), as well as a discussion of any server and software bugs that allow you to gain an advantage in the game, as well as that can disrupt the server.
- Distract administration representatives with inappropriate requests: to unblock [friend], allocate resources, teleports, other privileges.
3.3 For personal communication between players, it is recommended to use either the private messaging system (commands /pm, /team).
4. PvP, conflicts, wars
4.1 PvP (player versus player) - duels between players (or groups of players) are allowed.
4.2 Any player can be killed.
4.3 It is forbidden to kill members of the administration, except when the member of the administration asks for it or is on the server as a player.
5. Other
5.1 Everything created on the server by the hands of the administration, things in chests (private or not), is considered private property. You can take/break/kill all this only if it is expressly permitted by the owner in one way or another.
5.2 Also forbidden on the server:
- Penetration into the territory limited by the administration.
- The collapse of a large amount of soil or buildings, significantly loading the server with their work. When planning such collapses, we strongly recommend that you coordinate the project with the administration.
5.3 The administration may make changes to these Rules without prior notice to the players.
Also, it is recommended to read the topic of questions and answers: F.A.Q.
If you have questions or problems, any player can always contact any representative of the administration in a personal message in the game or on the forum.
Community techserver rules
By playing on the server, you automatically agree to the current rules of conduct on the Server.
For violation of the Rules, the administration has the right to apply sanctions to the violator, in accordance with the severity of the offense.
Ignorance of the rules of the Server does not release the player from responsibility.
1. Buildings, griefing, theft:
1.1 If you voluntarily settled another player on your territory, giving him access to the chests, the administration is not responsible for the actions of this player in relation to your property in them.
2. Cluttering the world:
2.1 Creating meaningless structures (pillars, box houses, giant streams of water, etc.) is prohibited.
3. Kills:
3.1 You may not kill other players in public event areas without the consent of both parties, or if the event is not in the nature of a PVP mode.
3.2 You can't kill admin members unless the admin asks to do so or you're on the server as a player.
4. Global chat and private messages:
Forbidden in chat:
4.1 Swearing in any form, in any language, even veiled.
4.2 Spam, flood, insults in any form.
4.3 Inciting ethnic hatred, discrimination based on race, sex and age.
4.4 Discussion and advertising of any cheating programs and alerting players about server bugs.
4.5 Third party ads.
4.6 It is also forbidden - to distract administration representatives from work with requests for resources, teleports and other privileges.
Penalty, depending on the severity of the violation: Mut for 24 hours / Mut for a week / Permanent blocking of the chat. In some cases - ban.
5. Third-party modifications and programs:
5.1 On the server it is forbidden to use any programs that give an advantage in the game, as well as the use of server bugs for personal purposes.
Violation of this rule will result in a permanent ban, without the right to rehabilitation.
To enter the server, the assembly of recommended mods attached in the server theme should be used.
Supplementing the assembly with your own mods is prohibited.
6. Administration and its actions:
6.1 Any actions and decisions of the administration, as well as the operation of the server in the chat, are not discussed.
If you find problems, contact any administration representative on the server in the LAN, or describe the essence of the problem in the appropriate topic on the forum.
The finality and fidelity of the action of the administration is certified by the Server Administrator, the Administrator's decisions are not subject to discussion and are final.
1. Buildings, chests of those banned permanently can be destroyed by the administration.
2. Non-playing buildings and chests can be destroyed. (Buildings and chests, the administration has the right to destroy and only if the player has not logged into the server for more than a week and has not left a message in the game, or on the forum with a request not to destroy buildings/chests).
3. Chests located in inappropriate places (Center of a large city square, on a public road, etc.) can be privatized and destroyed.
4. Punishment may be longer or even permanent if violations were committed after a brief game on the server.
5. The results of the players' activities are the property of the administration.
6. If you get banned on one server, you will be automatically banned on all Community servers.
Additional notes:
1. Multi-accounts are not allowed on the server.
The rules may be amended and supplemented by the administration without prior notice to the players.